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5 Important Role Of Husband To Accompany His Wife Undergoing Pregnancy

Teamwork husband and wife Tara needed seed that was pregnant. Unfortunately, many people begin to calculate a responsible responsibility for the woman of the seed who want to have the fruit of the heart.

The Tagline thing known husband was the first obligatory number program supporting pregnant woman. For those of you husbands, should know and understand some of the things that can be done to support the success of this pregnancy.

1. More than just a matter of frequency of sex

The maternity program is not about having sex every day, as often as possible. You know, the fertile women had a role for the success of Pentling is pregnant. This is not only the task of the wife, the husband must know.

The fertile period is a time of ovulation occurring tlah (releasing the ripe egg from the intion eggs). The fertile time of the chart to find out the woman, the husband must know how an average menstrual cycle of 3-6 of the last menstrual cycle. If the menstrual cycle of the wife takes place regularly every 28 days, then the occurrence of ovulation is the approximate day of the next menstruation first, minus 14 days.

Intercourse first and foremost the authenticity of three days to ovulation time Q three days after ovulation. The likelihood of conception will be higher if the couple had sexual intercourse at the time.

And then, how about sex, is there a can increase the chance of a pregnancy occurring?

Certainly it has some influence.  missionary (man on top) and the doggy style (women's and men's knee, the penetration is performed from behind) are considered the two best  quickly when it is intended to become pregnant.
Because both the  can make it easier to take protection in the sperm in the egg to reach the uterus. However, until the seed there is no research, the states consider Tara sexual intercourse with the onset of pregnancy or women pregnant fast multilingual can.

2. Invites the wives to work

Exercise is not only good for health, but also for fertility. There are studies that suggest that regular exercise can increase the fertility of a woman. In fact, women who train 30 minutes or more daily have a low risk of experiencing a ovulatory disorder of fish infertility.

Movement can also improve the metabolism and blood circulation. If it is done regularly, then it can increase the production of hormones that help the growth of the egg. Movement can also reduce stress, which can lower the chances of conception.

The men, physical activity in mild to moderate forms are known to increase the enzyme that antioksidarn can protect the quality of the sperm.

The joint exercise was not difficult enough to Tagline with jogging, walking, swimming or cycling. Serious sports, especially authenticity associated with stomach.

3. Husband's condition must also be healthy

Not only sue the woman must be healthy, but the husband must also be healthy. This can be obtained by applying the pattern of healthy eating and balanced. Complex carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruit should be eaten by men.

Men should also avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol. Why? Because smoking, caffeine and alcohol can disrupt the reproductive system and the quality of men's sperm.

The husband should also avoid as much as possible and get along with stress. This condition can not only culminate in the onset of depression, but also affect the sperm quality. If these conditions are not resolved, the program was pregnant, which ever threatened to fall apart.

4. Keep your wife in the mood

The psychological factor is very influential in the pregnancy program. Men should know how the wife's mood, when invited to sex, the mood is ugly can affect a decline in the quality of sex.
One way to keep the wife's mood is to be a good listener. Listen to what she teaches with full attention, without interruption, Gawai gim or television. Try to offer to give a massage gently to the woman, especially when the woman is tired of a long day of work and caring for the house.

5. Control of fertility tests

As a rule, the woman who has been a major concern is a party that runs many tests, from fertility tests to certain therapies. Remember, however, that all the tests and therapies that need to be lived, the woman may be in vain if it turns out that the main problem was not on the woman. Therefore, it is very important that the husband and his wife do the fertility tests without prejudice.

For men, tests should be done on sperm quality and volume analysis. Based on that, the husband can go through a consultation with a specialized andrology.

One of the key to the success of the program is getting pregnant is to change the pattern of life healthier and stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, for the husband or woman. Mutual support and accompaniment of the basic thing was done for the success of the pregnant woman of the program.

Do not try to accompany his wife absent in control to a doctor, because a real pregnancy program is a common program. Either the husband or the wife have both roles. If you both know what role, the pregnancy can be done well.
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