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For Your In-between Times: Short-term Health Insurance

Whenever folks think of health insurance, they think of traditional medical insurance, together with office visits, co-payments, and prescription drug coverage. But, such medical insurance isn't always available. Perhaps you're transitioning from 1 occupation to another, or maybe you're employed part-time or using a temporary agency that does not offer full health policy, or you may be attending or just graduating from college. 

In such situations, traditional health insurance is occasionally not available. If you are unable to afford traditional health insurance but would like some policy in the case of an accident or emergency, short-term medical insurance is your very best bet. The concept of short-term health insurance is built to the name - it is a short-term alternative that delivers short-term policy, with the expectation that at some point, you will start or restart traditional health insurance coverage. 

It is created for those who'd like some coverage in case of accident or injury and covers only emergency or severe medical expenditures, for example, x-rays, ambulance fees, intensive care, and a specific quantity of hospital care. Though policies vary, these are often standard in short-term health insurance coverage. However, short-term health insurance does not cover regular physician visits, nor do they cover preexisting ailments. If you're looking for this kind of coverage, you need to consider getting a conventional medical insurance policy or looking into other choices.

Short-term health insurance costs vary greatly; you will have a monthly premium, which ranges anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on the plan's deductible and coverage, which generally starts at $250 and can rise to $5,000. Most policies nowadays also offer an affordable pay-out sum (often one or two million bucks).

How do you locate short-term health insurance? It is not as difficult as it might seem. A simple Internet search will give a range of companies offering short-term medical insurance coverage. Searching online will also give you the chance to compare different companies and different strategies. Just make sure to research each of the policies carefully to know your maximum pay-out as well as deductibles, coverage, and other stipulations of this arrangement. (yip)
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